Friday, November 7, 2008

EB doll quilt Swap 2 reveal!!

So after the long wait, here it is! The reveal of the EB doll quilt Swap number 2. First of all is the quilt that I sent to Ruth for her 2 little boys. It was fun coming up with the sailboat theme, and picking some nice and bright nautical fabric. I embroidered their names on, and a little saying that I think is appropriate too.. :).

And here is the cute little quilt Vienna recieved from the lovely Dani!! She immediately claimed it for her baby 'jesse' and didn't even let me have a look until later on (actually during her nap time, so officially she hasn't let me look at all.. haha). It has such beautiful colours, and the printed fabric is of children playing.. it's gorgeous! Sorry the pics aren't too clear, this was just before bedtime.

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