Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reversible purse and more cloth baby shoes

A friend of mine is booked in for a c/s in 9 days time. She is having a little girl! So I thought I'd send her a little set of baby shoes and bib. How cute!

Another friend saw my reversible purse at a BBQ we had the other day and asked me to make one for her, so here it is! Amy Butler Belle fabric outer, a nice print from spotlight inner. Man those 'armholes' are tricky!
We are all a bit sick in my household at the moment. But it's nice to get little sewing projects done where you don't have to think so hard! And it gives me my 'fix' :)
Love Kristi


Leah said...

I hear you on the arm holes! but they are sooo useful these things. I use mine all the time, it goes inside my regular bag, never lose my purse, keys and mobile now!

MJ said...

that's really really cool!